Johan Krynauw. Is married to Adele and started Racing in 200 in 1600 modifies.

Then moved to 2.0L. And since the end of 2006 taking part in 2.0L Hot Rod Class.

His best achievements was being SA1 In 2005 for 2.0L modified class and in 2008 SA1 for the 2.0L hotrod class, also been twice club champion in 1600 and 2.0L modifies. Worst moment when he rolled his 1600 modified.

In 2002 my prospects is to do well and have fun.

1st October 2011 Race Update

Johan Krynaauw had what must have been his best day since moving to the long circuit by finishing 4th overall in the first heat and winning overall in the second heat. The second heat had a reverse grid from heat one which saw Johan start from the back of the grid and quickly carved his way through the pack and was in the lead by the 3n1 lap and kept it till the checkered flag. First overall for the day.

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