To all our partners , team mates and customers

As we end another year and celebrate the results we have achieved , the people we have met and grown relationships with and the blessings we were given , thank you for all that we were blessed with and thank you for all of you that are a part of what we do . It has been another good year although it may have  had many tough days but the memories we will take with us into next year are of all the good things that we have enjoyed and achieved and of all of those that are a part of it . May you all enjoy a beautiful festive season and travel safely if you are on the roads during the holidays , may 2014 be everything that it can be and better  and may all the seeds we have planted blossom during the coming year . The entire team at Big Boss Auto would like to thank you for however you have been a part of our team and look forward to seeing our dreams grow again as we will enter the new year . 

A brief highlight of our on track results for the 2013 season

Rockstar energy drink athlete Devin Robertson completed the first full season in the Liqui Moly Renault Megane in production cars  which saw  great development through the year and achieved its first heat win , some podium finishes , and leaps forward in lap times , When fitted with  Yokohama tyres in the regional championship it raced in he managed to wrap up the regional supersaloon championship and win the first regional championship that a Renault has won in recent years . Devin won 24 out of 25 heats in the  Inex Legend championship and added another championship to his name for the year , he achieved excellent results when attending the world final in Las Vegas USA , being the fastest South African there with lap times 3 seconds a lap faster than any other local driver and running right up front and was up to second place   in the pro  race till one lap from the end when most of the top 6 drivers seemed to run out of fuel as the race had been extended from 10 to 17 laps and all the front running cars that had been doing the faster lap times seemed to not have tanks big enough ( being filled to the brim still didn’t allow enough to finish the race ) to achieve what the organisers    extended the race to . Legends seemed to be on a back foot for the American event as 4 of the six cars hired by the south African team suffered mechanical breakages and lacked the power that the rest of the teams had , in car  footage of the race showed how the majority of the field could blast past down the straights and Devin had to make up all he could through the turns . It would have been good to see what the South African team  was capable of if their cars had been properly prepared and dyno’d before they got there , then there would have been a good chance we could have brought back the winners trophies .  It was a good experience for the team and they are well aware that they are capable of mixing it with the best legend drivers in the world .

Justin Robertson enjoyed a season in the BMW club and class C was toughly contested and filled with a good dice at every event of the year , unfortunately he missed 3 events and still managed a third in the championship . Young Jagger Robertson had a good season in the cadet class of Go karts and finished with a fourth in the regional championship after an engine failure in the final round which saw him drop from second highest points scorer to fourth but he still finished in high spirits and will be moving up to the 60cc class a year early to start a development year in that class in 2014.Johan Krynaauw represented the team in the silvercup class  driving the Yokohama equipped space frame car and took a pile of trophies home with him at the year end championship awards . Class B championship winner , Most Improved driver , 3RD in index championship , brilliant season for him . Jimmy the Greek competed in the MPC class in class B and also needed help to take all the trophies home  , second in the index championship , third in class B championship , and third in the overall championship in only his second full season of racing , well done . The Van Niekerk brothers unfortunately missed some events due to family work commitments but put in excellent results when they were on track , 2014 will see a return to a full seasons racing and them contending for respective championships .    

Willie Erasmus and Renault were able to achieve another championship win , class C in the MPC  class belonged to him as he competed in the Metal used spares Renault Sandero and achieved 100% finish and scored points in every round , Willie joined the Legend championship halfway through the season and developed tremendously through the year finishing the season with an eigth in the championship after missing the first 5 events  . He was part of the South  African team to travel to America and finished the final with a misfire and still managed to claim a 6th overall in the semi pro class , best finishing South African in the class and a driver that has really developed and improved through the year , brilliant achievement for the year  and expecting a great 2014 as he will move to a bigger car in the MPC class and continue in the legends .

Kishoor Pitamber got his Legend towards the end of the season and competed where he could , work dominating his schedule , he progressed nicely with the car and thoroughly enjoyed the events he got to compete in , he and his son Mikey will both be in their green machines as we put a green Bandelero together for him which has just arrived from the USA . The bandelero is the junior series as a feeder class to the legends and will give him a different drive to the gokarts he is used to and competed overseas with during 2013  .Kishoor is the owner of one of the fastest track BMW ‘s in the country and will be competing in as many BMW  club events as he can in 2014. On track the team performed brilliantly and we are looking forward to the new year where we will again step it up a level again  .